About Doll Work

This website is a discussion of sweet, dark, little dolls in art and culture …

Here I will discuss film, literature, art, and other nooks of culture where dolls appear to us. My interest and subsequent obsession with dolls is due no doubt to my maternal and paternal grandmother’s collection of dolls. My paternal grandmother also going a step further and making many of the dolls that pepper my childhood and my memories still today.

My aunts Shirley and Shelby McGath with my father, Gary McGath

Even before I was a twinkle in my father’s eye, dolls were a part of my family as the above photograph illustrates.

Dolls are comforting, intriguing, strange, and wonderful … no doubt exactly why they have been such a part of human culture. Here’s to hoping I can at least begin to discuss their presence in our surrounds …