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Mannequins are Adult-Sized Dolls

The wonderfully creepy Twilight Zone episode, “After Hours” is a visual manifestation of something I have thought about often, surrealistically. I have always wondered about inanimates left alone, left to their own devices.  I know this is odd and I know intellectually that inanimates do not come to life, but it is still something my […]


Talky Tina in the Twilight Zone episode, “The Living Doll”

I recently watched the Twilight Zone episode, “The Living Doll,” starring Talky Tina,  a murderous doll who is representative of a living little girl’s emotional frustration and pain. The episode first aired on November 1, 1963 and starred Telly Savalas as the controlling, angry stepfather who, intentionally or not, terrorized his young stepdaughter out of […]